Anshar Publishing focuses on providing comprehensive marketing and publishing services for PC and console games.


We believe that marketing deserves craftsmanship and an individual approach to each project, based on the expertise of our team professionals. Created in 2021, the team consists of Anshar Studios veterans and experienced specialists who gained their understanding of the industry at key Polish game studios. Apart from experience, we are a group of passionate gamers with an openness to support independent developers and increase the visibility of their hidden gems. We are ready to be challenged and pave the way to your target audience.

Our Services

  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Dev Team Analysis
  • Production Evaluation
  • Positioning
  • Assets creation / Recommendations
  • Video Editing / Gameplay Capture
  • Social Media
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Event Support
  • Storefront Management / Platformholders support
  • Bizdev Support
  • Crowdfunding Support
  • Rating Process
  • Merchandise
  • Legal advice / Financial reporting




Contact Us!

Let’s start our journey ! Write us at office@ansharpublishing



Our Clients

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