R&D in Gamedev Conference Day – 28 March, 2024

Bloober Team:

  • “Development of an innovative TAS system (TestAutomationSystem) – a tool that optimizes the game testing process”

The subject of the project was to develop an innovative TAS system (TestAutomationSystem) – a tool that optimizes the game development process. This system was developed with a view to the possibility of its use for the production process of future video games by Bloober Team which will allow to automate part of the work of the production team and will provide final recipients with games of a higher level of quality.


  • “Development works concerning an innovative system of fighting unique enemies in TPP games, with a rich psychological horror narrative layer, carried out using Unreal Engine 5 technology”

Included within the scope of the project is the creation of specialized algorithms for controlling artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the model of behavior of at least three unique enemies with dedicated animation sets, sound design, and implementation within Unreal Engine 5, along with a dedicated testing environment.


  • “Increasing the competitiveness of Bloober Team S.A. on the global market thanks to the development of innovative technology necessary to produce horror/thriller role-playing games”

The aim of the project was to create a modular system for creating thriller/horror story video games open world. The system will be a set of tools in the form of extensions to the Unreal Engine 4 used to games by Bloober Team.


Anshar Studios:

  • Solutions for language independent communication and social interactions in Virtual Reality environment for multiplayer, cooperative fantasy role playing game.

We carried out R&D work that led to the creation of a playable prototype of a multiplayer, cooperative video game in virtual reality. The challenge was to develop language-indepentent solutions for social interaction in VR, other than chat, which is impractical in VR and voice communication is often limited. This talk concerns the search for all ways of communication in VR, as well as the effects that were implemented as a result of the project in the game called “Behold”.

  • Creation of a commercialized prototype of a story plot generation system based on the narrative isometric tactical games.

We developed an innovative tool for the procedural generation of narratives based on previously created databases. This way players are able to use products with an extensive, non-linear storyline at an unprecedented level of realism, a sense of agency and the consistency of the player’s actions while maintaining the coherence and continuity of events and stories in games.

  • Development work on the development of an innovative, fully automated tool that will replace a number of manual processes of implementing dialogue scene animation in 3D narrative games, enabling a significant acceleration of the process of implementing dialogue scenes in relation to traditional methods and tools available on the market

We created a comprehensive dialogue tool containing a set of algorithms that automatically generate the content of dialogue scenes. Thanks to the developed algorithms, it is possible to automatically generate dialogue scenes at a level at least as high as in the case of manual implementation of individual sub-processes, and thus significantly increase the efficiency of the entire animation production process.

Our Clients

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