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Please note that we conduct our online recruitment processes via Traffit. When you click on one of the job ads above, you will be redirected to the Traffit website. Your data are collected by Traffit recruitment system.

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We currently offer an employment contract or a B2B contract. The decision about which one is more beneficial for you is solely up to you, if we make you an offer, you can always choose either of these two forms. We do not offer mandate contract or contract of specific work.

A B2B contract is a “business to business” contract between a self-employed person (you) and the company that would be your employer (us). In general, this type of contract is more flexible and financially beneficial for you, but it involves additional obligations and formalities (which of course you can outsource to specialized accounting offices). If you choose this type of contract – you are still part of the Anshar Crew. This means we will provide you with benefits, invite you to our social events, etc. Don’t worry if you are new to all this, and it seems a bit confusing, many of our employees have started this way and now find it easy! We’ll be happy to share our experience with you if you have any doubts.

While Anshar has an “office first” policy (meaning most of our current employees work in the office, and we greatly appreciate the benefits of that), we are currently offering full remote work if you are at a specialist level or above. For junior employees, we believe it will be beneficial for both you and the company if you’re going to have the opportunity to learn from colleagues in the office. If you choose to work in an office, you will still have 100 days of remote work to use whenever you feel like it (but no more than 2 days a week).

We aim to make it as fast and stress-free as it can be. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Evaluation – when you apply, your CV is evaluated by the person who would be your future supervisor. This may take some time, as we want to be thorough and make sure we select the best candidates for the next stage.
  2. Getting to know each other – our recruiter (Ania) contacts you to get to know you and invites you to a meeting. No worries, there will be no hard questions during this stage. Of course, you can ask her anything you want to know.
  3. Interview – meet our team (online or in the office – your choice) to talk about your experience, expectations and exciting projects we have in store for you.
  4. Test task – this may or may not happen. If you agree to complete a test task, we will choose a date and send you the instructions. Test tasks are not paid, we will not use them for anything other than assessing your skills.
  5. Offer – this is it; we’re making you an offer to join Anshar Crew! We await your response and are already happy to have you on board.

Generally, we have a 40-hour work week and core working hours between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday to Friday. This means you have 5 set hours each day and you can arrange the rest the way it makes sense for you and your project, as long as you work 40 hours a week in total. If you don’t want to work full time, we’re also open to talk about that.

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