Anshar Studios with Asian market publisher – WhisperGames

Anshar Studios has joined forces with an Asian publisher, WhisperGames, and is excited to announce that they will work together to bring their 1st party game – Gamedec, to Asian Markets.

As the result of the partnership between both companies, Gamedec will launch on PC across China, Japan, South Korea, and other Asian territories, adding further to the already amassed player base Anshar Studios built around their Kickstarter campaign.

The game will be localized in simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, cementing the Anshar Studios ambition to bring the IP to a broader audience.

“Anshar Studios wants to provide gamers with systemic narrative role-playing experiences.

WhisperGames is in a strong position as a publisher, with titles like Disco Elysium or Realms Beyond under their wings. With their commitment, they will help us reach a whole new audience – we are confident that with their resources and publishing channels, together we can successfully bring Gamedec to Asian markets.” said Łukasz Hacura, CEO of Anshar Studios.

Markets like China, Japan, and South Korea provide so much potential for western studios and publishers looking to make their mark. The hunger for quality games in these three regions is frankly astronomical. We are looking forward to bringing Gamedec to Asian markets and will happily answer to every question regarding this cooperation. Should you have any questions, please forward them directly to

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